What's Inside The Wizard of Draws' Cartoon Clipart CD Vol I:

A commercially manufactured CD, suitable for both Windows and Macintosh
with 101 cartoons included in both color EPS and transparent Gif89a* format,
packaged in a jewelcase with a printed index for your convenience!
*Please note that all GIF images are designed for light colored backgrounds only

  • Air Force jet, Prop airplane, Ballarina, Banjo player, Ball/bat/cap, Baseball player batting,
  • Little baseball player, Baseball player catching, Bill Clinton caricature, Bird singing, Slice of Birthday cake,
  • Biplane, Box of books, Bull w/ rose, Cactus scene, Campfire scene, Cat and dog heads, Caveman Einstein,
  • Cheerleader, An Entire White Chess set (King, Queen, Bishop, Knight, Rook & Pawn), Church,
  • Clown blowing up balloon, Cowboy hat, Crayon box, Cupid, Devil, Backgammon dice,
  • Sleeping dinosaur, Skating dinosaur, Dinosaur kicking soccerball, Dog with bone, Dog howling,
  • Dog ducking, Dragon roasting a hot dog, Dragon on computer, Dragon at bus stop,
  • Hunting dog, Elephant balancing on ball, Firecracker holding ears, Mean fish, Nerd fish, Fly caught in web,
  • Football player running, Flask and book, Frog playing sax, Gator strutting, Gift box, Golfer,
  • Graduation cap and diploma, Gumball machine, Guitar player, Guest book, Hand pointing left,
  • Hippo, Hornet, Hospital, House, Another house, Island, Fighting iguana, Juggler,
  • Judge sleeping, Kid yelling, Lighthouse, Log cabin, Mailbox, Moneybag, Mushroom scene, Open Book,
  • Ostrich spinning basketball, Parrot, Pen, Penquin drinking java, Pig dancing, Pot boiling, Yellow rose,
  • Shark, Sailboat, School bus, School house, Preschool house, Singer, Satellite, Alien Spacecraft,
  • Surfer on computer disk, Talk radio stamp, Teacher, Teddy bear, Television set, Treasure chest (closed),
  • Treasure chest (open), Turtle, Tricorner hat, Turkey, Wizard owl, Worm on a hook,
  • and 5 assorted color coordinated navigational bars and arrow sets (not cartoon).

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