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1. How long does it take to make my team logo?
It can take as little as a day or two, or it may take a week. Because I send sketches at every phase of the process to ensure that you and I are on the same page, some logos will take longer than others. It also ensures that you will not be surprised or disappointed with the final product.

2. Will I get a sketch to look at?
Yes. Pencil sketches are provided by email to you for approval. You will also have the opportunity to make any color corrections after your team logo has been inked and colored.

3. Can you send me sketches of any ideas you have about my team name?
Unfortunately, time will not allow me to. Without a payment in hand, it is just not practical for me to draw ideas for everyone that thinks they might like to have me design their team logo.

4. I don't like the selection on the CBS fantasy league site. Please add more.
I am not directly affiliated with the CBS Sportsline fantasy league or any other fantasy league website. CBS contracted with me to draw a large number of cartoon team logos, but I do not have any control over the current content of that collection. Please contact the league administrator if you would like to see additional logos added.

5. You sent me a black & white sketch of my logo. Will you add color?
Yes. With very few exceptions, I will only send black & white pencil sketches until we have finalized your team logo. Color will be added after you approve a final sketch and it is inked.

6. I want to order a team shirt and team cap with my team logo imprinted on them.
Unfortunately, this service has been discontinued. The company that I utilized for imprinting shirts, caps and mugs has been sold and the new company is not accepting small orders such as mine. Cafepress is not of sufficent quality in my opinion, so please don't suggest them as an alternate source.

7. Will you design my high school/YMCA/college team logo for $49.95?
Sorry, no. $49.95USD only applies to 100x100 pixel sized images. Logos intended for use with real-life teams require more detail, a larger size and a different format.

8. Can I have my team logo put on a computer wallpaper image?
For a small additional charge, I can create a wallpaper image with your team logo, suitable for your desktop computer.

9. Can I have my team logo put on a helmet?
For a small additional charge, I can provide you with your logo on a helmet like the graphic at the top of this page.

Enough already, I want a custom cartoon team logo!

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